Reading this book, you will expand your understanding.
Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Advanced DNA

Advanced course on ThetaHealing - this is another step on the path to conscious life and the disclosure of its own potential. Intensive learning process will allow each participant to gain a deeper understanding about the unique science ThetaHealing. You can get effective attributes of mastery that will allow you to practice all the knowledge gained to change their own lives and the lives of your loved ones.

Each participant will acquire an advanced course ThetaHealing tools on the instantaneous transformation of mental belief. You will learn how to recognize the core beliefs and replace the negative to the positive, and not effective - on effective!

This is a real preparation for effective work with yourself and others through science, which for many years helping people find happiness and dramatically change the quality of their lives. If you are ready for this change, if you want to understand and overcome the blocks, fears and limitations that impede the attainment of unconditional love and happiness, then this course is for you!

The program is an advanced course ThetaHealing

  • Cure any generic and fetal injury in yourself and others
  • The connection to the planes of existence without restrictive contracts
  • Healing the Soul
  • Gaining the support and help from the Higher Self
  • Practice on compression and stretching of the Times
  • Contact your ancestors and
  • Healing the Past
  • Practice clairvoyance own future
  • Recreating the Future
  • Conversion of negative feelings and emotions into positive life lessons
  • The excavation of key beliefs - the skill level
  • Getting rid of the unconscious beliefs and suggestion and programs
  • Communicate with plants
  • Healing plants
  • Cleansing thin plan of the old pain, sorrow and smoldering hatred, which is accumulated by you or your ancestors
  • Practice on the acquisition of true feelings
  • Completion of contracts which restrain man on one of the plans and prevent the connection with unconditional love
  • Practice on the acquisition of true abilities
  • Vision and intuitive transformation of information - the level of skill
  • Contact and communication with the Creator - the skill level
  • Practice getting messages from any plane of existence

Additionally, you will learn:

  • Hear the Truth
  • Distinguish truth from the vote, introducing you astray
  • Identify 3 types of energy that attract the largest number of diseases, sorrow, and harmful toxins in the human body
  • Heals
  • Finding the main causes of each disease
  • Convert stones into talismans, amulets or conductors
  • Look, why we die, if our soul is split
  • Understand who you are
  • How to save people from dependency
  • How to help a person to take and not to lose the healing
  • How to clean a house and a car from the negative
  • How to fill the house and car useful properties

All teaching advanced courses ThetaHealing 75% consists of practical exercises. Classes are held on the basis of the book Vianna Stibal "Theta Healing: Advanced level", a practical guide and workbook.

After graduating from the Advanced Course ThetaHealing, each participant receives a special certificate from the Theta Healer Institute THInK Vianna Stibal. This certificate will allow for individual work with people on the basis of the study of methods.

Time:  3 days from 11-18 (with a break for lunch from 14 -15 and coffee break 10-15 minutes).

Cost: On demand

* The payments made are not returned or transferred to other seminars under any circumstances.