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Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Creation story

ThetaHealing - a new technique that can change your life. The magic of this technique lies in the amazing healing that concerns not only your physical health but also your whole life. Each day, we create our own reality around him. But not everyone knows that he is powerless to change it.ThetaHealing teach you how to stand at the helm of his own life and bring it into happiness, love, harmony, and prosperity.

In English the word «healing» means a treatment or cure. The term denotes ThetaHealing healing that takes place in a special state of meditation - the theta state. All science is based on ThetaHealingmeditative process that allows you to generate a spiritual, emotional and physical cleansing.

History of creation science ThetaHealing

Founder of the science is an American named Vianna Stibal. As a girl, she found a magical ability to read information in the man, the vision inside his body. For years Vianna has used his gift for the benefit of thousands of people who turn to her for help in finding hidden disease or life problems.

Already a much older age Viannа put disappointing diagnosis - her hip destroyed before our eyes. At the time of manifestation of the disease in women already had three children, so she could not even imagine how her family will survive this tragedy. Vianna has decided to fight the disease and chose the path of alternative medicine - she studied Taoism, massage, naturopathy. Neither traditional nor alternative medicine were unable to overcome the disease Vian.

Meanwhile, she never ceased to treat people with the help of meditation, which has developed over the years with its customers. It introduces them to a special status, which allows instant healing of any disease. Then in 1995, Vianna decided to try this technique on herself ... and was healed instantly!

Studies nature ThetaHealing

Vianna Stibal long time could not believe what happened. She appealed to the scientists who conducted the experiment and using electroencephalograph discovered that while diving into a meditative state, which Vianna committed to healing people, her brain has been working on a wave theta.

Thus began the practice as a way Vian ThetaHealing. She delved into the study of the spiritual and scientific studies of theta waves and opportunities theta state. From year to year practicing theta state, Vianna found that the ability to reconnect with the energy of the Creator. Soon she was able to teach other people the ordinances ThetaHealing technology.

Since many years have passed. Vianna Stibal has published numerous books about science ThetaHealing and trained thousands of people around the world for its unique technology. Now you also have the opportunity to join a completely new method of spiritual practice that will allow you to find happiness, hope for the future, and unconditional love.