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Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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ThetaHealing several years gives people around the world the opportunity to transform their lives and become more free and happy man. This technique perfected over 20 years, and even now there is work to reveal the potential of the human mind and body, the problems of ordinary life as well as in matters of the Universe and the entire universe.

What is the method ThetaHealing ?

Thanks to maximum concentration and conscious purposeful prayer practices ThetaHealing in his minds turn to the Creator. During this meditation a person able to ascend to a whole new level of consciousness for it - theta.

Theta meditation conducted both individually and collectively. All who practice theta meditation, transferred his consciousness to the highest level, which reunites him with the consciousness of the Creator, with the energy of Unconditional Love, and by the Creator, which is located on the seventh plane of Being.

Theta state is able to give people unlimited power thanks to the connection with the very source of all existence. Before you open the possibility of healing any ailments, transforming negative blocks and programs at all levels, the vision inside the human body, and even predict the future materialization of desires.

During the research the origin and use of theta meditation Vianna Stibal found that many people in ancient times used the theta state, without even realizing it. So people on colorful Kahuna Island Hawaii enjoyed theta state for walking on hot lava.

Thanks to this method, every man able to successfully transform their negative beliefs, constraints and success luck and impeding material wealth and abundance. You will be able to heal himself and other people from the most serious illnesses and life problems.

Many of us realize that prevents them from achieving happiness and success in life. However, these programs only lucid top of a huge iceberg. Unfortunately, as practice shows, not everyone can find the root of the problem, which is fundamental to the emergence of life difficulties.

What happens at the healing session ThetaHealing ?

ThetaHealing practice capable of conducting deep excavations that allow us to find these key beliefs and by connecting with the source of everything to eliminate or replace them with positive ones. Thereafter practitioner certifies removal or replacement of the old program to the new. And at this very moment there is an instantaneous healing of man.

In the same way about a process of healing physical ailments. The cause of sickness and disease is not only from the wrong food or environmental hazards. For the most part, all physical disorders occur due to what emotion accumulated in our body. All feelings, words and emotions, sooner or later begin to affect our well-being and health status, becoming a disease. Theta Healing can release these emotions and make your life healthy and vibrant.