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Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Theta waves

Technology ThetaHealing - this is a very exciting and multi-level process that allows a person to work with those core beliefs that bring to life his limitations, health problems or troubles in life. This spiritual practice consists of a variety of therapeutic techniques of self-help. Thanks theta meditation, one can develop the ability of clairvoyance, healing diseases and the development of intuitive abilities to help other people.

Thanks to this technique ThetaHealing founder Vianna Stibal able to overcome cancer. The cure was instantaneous, and the woman decided to understand the nature of this phenomenon, so she turned to health scientists. Since it was found that during the meditative state, in which drown Vianna at time of therapeutic action of its customers and itself, its brain switches to a completely new frequency - theta.

What is theta waves and how they work

During practice theta meditation human brain operates at low frequency theta waves that reach 4-7 Hz / s. Thanks to this frequency practices ThetaHealing has the opportunity to dive and follow the pure energy of the Creator. In addition, the person has the opportunity to carry out a lot of energy conversion at its discretion - so change the negative feelings and block programs that are at the origin of the emergence of diseases in human life and difficult circumstances.

Theta waves reveal the path to the unconscious man. They are responsible for the areas of the brain that retain memory, sensations, feelings and emotions ever experienced by man. Theta waves directly influence our mood and behavior, form many views on life and beliefs.

That is why the theta state optimally for a reboot and the transformation of consciousness, intuition activation and increased the speed of learning. Through continuous training in the activation of theta waves ThetaHealing practitioner has the opportunity to dive into a meditative state in which there are reconfiguring relationships with body consciousness, enhanced concentration.

Theta state - a truly beautiful process. He charges the heart and soul of warmth, happiness, joy, helps to establish contact with the outside world and to expand the horizons.

When theta waves reach a particular level of activity, the person feels like it slows down the speed of thought process. Thus unnecessary surface thoughts and feelings are replaced by positive emotions, fear disappears, doubt, reduces stress. Practitioner ThetaHealing feels incredibly happy and ready to share that feeling with everyone around the world.

Theta waves are capable of incredible healing and transformation. At our seminars and courses you can uncover for yourself entirely new possibilities for finding a happy and prosperous life.