Reading this book, you will expand your understanding.
Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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QUESTION What is "the Creator of All Things"?

the Creator of all Things is the energy of unconditional love, which consists of all that surrounds you, i.e., it is everywhere. And if you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, and so on, can call it so.

QUESTION : Can people instantly healed by applying the method of Thetahealing?

Yes, they can and many such healings,now Vianna creates a website which will be described real history people who were healed in thetahealing including instant healing.

QUESTION : Why the method of thetahealing called method of instant healing?

Thetahealing - technology, when the healer working sessions with the client talks to the Creator for his healing and watching this process. Healing lies in the fact that it is a limiting belief, which prevents the person to be healed in methylene removed immediately and replaced with more positive and constructive. As a healer in session watching this instantaneous process, replacement of obsolete beliefs, and hence the instantaneous healing, so the method is called.

QUESTION : What will I get travelling with you on places of power?

Leaving their familiar environment and life in the city, traveling to places of power in Your blood is updated, You expand your horizons, rest from our normal work, You have the opportunity to spend more time with my spiritual master, to be alone with him or communicating with other students. Places of power is unusual prayerful or natural portals, where the energy comes from the earth upward flow, and heavenly energy is at the top and connects with the earth. Those are the places on earth in which people happen revelation, spiritual growth, expansion of consciousness, and of course healings take place.