Reading this book, you will expand your understanding.
Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Each of us has a secret dream is to achieve a better life - whether it's an expensive car, an apartment, a successful business or happiness in his personal life, family, good health and financial well-being. But the modern world dictates the conditions and not everyone have the courage to transcend limiting beliefs and let the magic in your life.

Are you tired of the daily struggle? You would think that the world is too cruel and unjust? You are afraid to admit that the dream of happiness and other life? Then it is time to radically change their attitudes.

Rainbow children - Rainbow Children Seminar - awesome practice for the development of neglected intuitive abilities that were granted to each person at birth. You can learn and work on practical exercises read thoughts from a distance, the movement of objects of thought (telekinesis). Meet the fairies and see them in the crystal ball. Using Crystals visit in their past lives and interact with high masters and teachers. The course is designed for 4days it may take parents with children without any training.

Basic DNA - basic course Thetahealing - this is your unique chance for something to gain confidence in your life, hope and faith in the future. You once again believe in miracles! Everyone - a conductor of divine energy, granting unconditional love to all those around him. Change your life now!

Advanced DNA - Thetahealing advanced course aims at a deeper study of the methodology that allows you to apply this knowledge in practice. This course is designed for all participants who have previously received training basic course and wish to hone your skills in the use of the developed techniques. On this course you will be able to remove the outdated beliefs healing from past lives such as "if I am a healer kill me" and get constructive and positive load such as "Healing - safely"

Family Ties - Family Ties training will allow each participant to find answers to the sacred question, "Who am I?", "What I have come into this world?", "Why did you choose this family?". You can look at their own family through the eyes of others - to accept, understand and love the unconditional love of your family and friends. After this training you improve relationships with family and native people as well as you can be more successful in achieving their goals and their dreams.

Dig Deeper - Seminar Dig Deeper allow each practice Thetahealing learn new, more detailed methods when dealing with beliefs and the key problems of their origin. For two days you can learn a whole new and more effective methods of working with their own limiting beliefs, as well as methods of making 10 digs./p>

Manifesting and Abundance - This workshop will allow each participant to reveal the secret of attraction in your own life of wealth and abundance. In your hands is a real tool for working with ineffective beliefs and blocks that block the way to the attainment of material wealth and financial independence./p>

Theta rhythm - unique program for instant transformation of your body and mind! It's super effective seminar that will allow each participant to get rid of all obstacles to the attainment of a slim, healthy and beautiful body. You will learn the real method to combat excess weight, which will help to forget about diets and dietary restrictions.

Soul Mate - This workshop will allow each participant who wishes to engage in the life of love and family happiness, as well as get rid of past hurts and injuries of heart, find your soul mate. The lesson you will be able to work and transform all those beliefs and programs that stand in the way of your happiness.

Intuitive Anatomy - incredible course on self-knowledge and the attainment of the unique abilities of healing themselves and their clients. You immerse yourself in the wonderful adventure of his own body, which will allow you to gain a whole new understanding of the body and its capabilities. For all practical Thetahealing who wish to improve their skills.

DNA 3 - course, which will allow each participant to gain knowledge about telekinesis, management elements of the earth, changing the molecular structure and the transformation of his own future with the help of time travel. You will learn more in-depth level of work with beliefs and be able to manage your reality.

Disease and Disorder - who wish to deepen their knowledge in the skill of healing method Thetahealing. You will learn about the underlying processes of origin of diseases and illnesses, as well as the most effective methods and tools in the fight for the healing of the human body. Each participant will open up new techniques for working with blocks and beliefs that stand in your way of true healer.

Planes of Existence - workshop Plans Genesis reveal to you all the mysteries of the seven planes of Being. You will be able to obtain such knowledge, which will allow a deeper understanding and working with theta healing on a completely new level. This incredible seminar will give each participant the opportunity to touch the Higher Self of animals, plants and the universe itself.

World Relations - Компания "ИНТАЧ" расширила для Вас территорию страхового покрытия по полису АВТОКАСКО. С полисом КАСКО от "ИНТАЧ" Ваш автомобиль под защитой на территории России, стран страховку, важно знать, что в зависимости от разных факторов (характеристик Вашего автомобиля,

Crystal layout - is an exciting process that will allow each of the participants to get acquainted with himself in different realities and time planes. In addition, you can have an impact on any event that has ever happened or will happen to you in one way or another life, to reduce or rethink some sobytiya.Vy visit past lives and with the help of crystal layouts will suffer tried and tested the ability of these past lives as a success, happiness and prosperity, luck and skill, all this can be strengthened and safely move in this life maybe, this is your only already accumulated experience in past lives.

Game of Life - This unique new seminar will be your magic wand that will turn all the previous blocks and beliefs that stand in the way to finding success and wealth in your life. It's time to be at the helm! And this workshop will tell you how to easily and effectively transform their own reality to a whole new uroven.Vy learn to take life as a beautiful game.

Autor's seminar “Rainbow of love” - This workshop is a continuation of the book Rainbow of Love which explains the different types of love energy. The workshop was created by me, based on the information about the energy of love