Reading this book, you will expand your understanding.
Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Allow yourself to live differently!

Each of us has a secret dream is to achieve a better life - whether it's an expensive car, an apartment, a successful business or happiness in his personal life, family, good health and financial well-being. But the modern world dictates the conditions and not everyone have the courage to transcend limiting beliefs and let the magic in your life.

Are you tired of the daily struggle? You would think that the world is too cruel and unjust? You are afraid to admit that the dream of happiness and other life? Then it is time to radically change their attitudes.

Webinars will help you find answers to vital questions and get acquainted with brand new appliances, which can dramatically change your life!

Webinar - an interactive lecture that takes place online and allows you to communicate with the speaker, and get answers to their questions. Such a method of contact is very convenient because you do not have to specifically go somewhere to get the right information. One need only have access to the internet, in time to connect and listen to the fascinating lecture. You will be able to enroll in a lecture right now, because it's a convenient and easy way to get answers to many questions about thetahealing , difficult situations, health, love, self, and others. Even without leaving home!

Thanks webinars you will learn:

  • What is the science Thetahealing
  • Why work theta -istselenie
  • How did the Theta Healing
  • That will help you master the skill of theta -istseleniya
  • What are the basic principles of Theta Healing
  • Preparing for theta -meditatsii
  • Filling the joy, finding forgiveness and unconditional love
  • Practice theta -meditatsii on-line
  • Answers to questions from the audience

This technique is so effective that for thousands of people around the world have decided to join the practitioners Thetahealing to change their own lives and the lives of others. Through this science you open a completely new knowledge about himself, people around you, the universe and your destiny in it. I will help you to believe that everyone - wizard and has the incredible ability to help his own reality and transform limiting beliefs. These blocks are placed in us by the people, our family, and a bad experience. You'll learn how to get rid of these programs and to open themselves to the world.

Get started now! Fill out an application to participate in the webinar and you will be one step closer to its new happy and conscious life of wealth and abundance!


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