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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Crystal layout

All minerals, crystals and stones - a creature of the first plan of Genesis. They all have their own unique energy and consciousness. Unfortunately, we can not always feel the consciousness of stones and crystals, because it is very static. But here, their energy - a force that is known to almost everyone.

Each crystal has its own memory. The smallest grain of sand can keep the memories of the beginning of all things, the creation of the whole earth - one of the main features relative to the first plane of existence. All stones and crystals have a single mind with our Earth lithosphere. They have a unique "access" to the knowledge of the beginning of all time. Seminar "Crystal layout" is built on the properties of the stone to remember the events and knowledge.

Thanks crystals, each participant of the seminar "Crystal layout" will get the opportunity to:

  • See all their past and future lives, and transform the dramatic events to accelerate the process of their own healing and transformation of negative blocks and behaviors
  • Understand the cause of their own fears and get rid of them
  • Explore your past talents and success, as well as the knowledge and skills to satisfy the current life of new features and capabilities
  • Understand the causes of the current relationships with your loved ones or vice versa, unloved people to understand the level of your relationship now
  • Establish contact with his guardian angel, the conductor of your Spirit Guide and to learn from them the necessary information to meet or thank them
  • See their own future destiny or see your future incarnation

This technique is completely safe and will not harm you. This is not the method of hypnosis or trance - throughout the session, each participant is clear sober minds and acts completely voluntary. Do not be afraid of such a deep dive, because during its implementation, we will constantly keep in touch, so you feel safe.

Thanks to the power of crystals and give the clearest picture and the ability to see the depth of things, events and links. Stones superbly accelerate the process, improve the focus and the participant's attention. All event and will follow your guide, which will improve, consolidate and structure all the information for the most effective discussion after the session ends.

Stones in the session grid to form a complete, activate cells of the body and the etheric plane. This power system provides vibration at the theta frequency, which creates a temporal and spatial portal. All of us probably already know that time is not linear magnitude, and hence our existence now taking place in parallel planes, at this second. Thus, our past, present and future - as three different "life" happening at this moment, so we are able to provide for them their influence, transforming the event, as well as their attitude towards him in these "life" to take and analyze all the experience acquired. The whole process of crystal layouts allow you to step beyond the boundaries of your consciousness, increase the frequency of vibration and awareness efforts of the current their life in this world, in this plane. This is truly an exciting process!