Reading this book, you will expand your understanding.
Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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DNA Workshop 3 - it is one of the most anticipated and favorite courses for improving their skills for all practitioners and students of scienceThetaHealing . Thanks to this awesome course you can be more aware and explore the data to you at birth and potential strength that will allow you to work at a deeper level of quantum physics, manipulating any atoms and molecules that surround you.

The work begins with a technique for constructing your molecules. Thanks to this technique, which is used by these masters, you will get a unique charging and harmonization of all the organs of your body will be able to uncover the supernatural abilities of your intuition on a deeper level.

Each participant will be able to go practice on movement of any organic or inorganic matter, change the structure of water molecules, work and control the elements of Earth, is instant cure, realizing the impact on mitochondria in the cells of the body. At the seminar, DNA 3, you can learn about how you create your own reality and master the art of managing this process with the most profound understanding on a completely new previously unknown level.

In addition, we will tell you how to apply all received during training on the knowledge itself and its clients. This seminar will give you an awesome really effective tool that allows the deep transformation.

Workshop 3 DNA reveal to you the following knowledge:

  • How to activate the Eternal Spirit Molecules
  • How to combine timeless molecules
  • How to cure any disease
  • How to control the force field, which constrain the objects in place
  • How to harmonize their vibration
  • How to know yourself and to work out the false beliefs
  • How to change the molecular structure
  • How to change the taste of water. Properties of water
  • How to find the state of integrity for healing
  • How does Telekinesis - moving of matter, substances and objects
  • How to create the future
  • How to go back in time to build a new future
  • How to travel through time
  • How to manage the distribution of Divine time
  • What is Spiritual Bilocation
  • How does instant manifestation
  • How to be in several places at once
  • How to identify your element
  • How to balance your element
  • How to control the elements of nature
  • How to learn the sacred language
  • How to gain knowledge about the main law for the realization of all knowledge

This workshop is designed for the training of all practitioners ThetaHealing who have already received certificates of basic, advanced courses and seminars Intuitive Anatomy.