Reading this book, you will expand your understanding.
Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Game of Life

This workshop - one of the newest and one of the courses of development of science builds ThetaHealing. Thanks to this course, each participant will be able to look at your life under a completely new angle, to breathe fresh breath and turn the game into life in a fascinating exciting process.

Game of Life workshop will help you gain success and good luck in your life. This course was developed in conjunction with Vianna Stibal Hiroyuki Miyazaki, who officially represents ThetaHealing science in Japan. Now you can make your own life more colorful and interesting, and your business will start to bring you an income many times more. And all this thanks to a new unique method ThetaHealing.

You will be able to qualitatively transform their own material component of your life, to open and change the deep unconscious blocks and beliefs that stand in your way to prosperity. You will be able to create a totally new space for gaining wealth and happiness and download your Top 100 senses that will help you become successful in business and life in general.

Every participant will gain life game super efficient tool to use their potential to the full force to gain wealth in all areas of your life. Stand at the helm of his own life!

Thanks to the Game of Life workshop you will:

  • Learning to do with your settings faith in practice
  • Free from vows in front of parents
  • Free from the negative experience of past failures, fears and doubts
  • Learning to be a part of society
  • Go to the next level, which will make you out of reach for any mishaps and problems
  • Modify any incident that hinder the development of your business
  • Finish any historical or generic vows and commitments that hinder your success
  • Lure people in your life that contribute to your business success
  • Acquires unlimited abundance
  • Feel and embrace life in abundance and enjoy the things you love
  • Discovering your Divine schedule
  • Learn to recreate their lives and business
  • Become a master of manifestation
  • Learning to enjoy the game of Life

Hiroyuki Miyazaki famously organized their work at home was able to achieve the incredible growth and success, stepped over the mark of 900%. In Japan, thanks to the efforts ThetaHealing Hiro has become one of the most popular methods of healing. Prior to becoming a practitioner ThetaHealing Hiro worked in successful financial corporations and for a long time looking for opportunities to realize their own potential. It was then that he began to realize that blocking consciousness beliefs have an enormous influence on the development of business and other sectors of life. So it's coming to the system ThetaHealing was rather a logical continuation of all previous thoughts and search for truth. Now Hiro actively uses ThetaHealing tools to promote their own business and was able to earn an international reputation for his success.

This workshop is available for study to students who have already passed the basic and advanced courses ThetaHealing.