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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Planes of Existence

Plans being incredible seminar will enable each participant to pass on measurements, which marked the beginning of a lifetime. You will plunge into a fascinating journey through the entire universe in order to transform their own beliefs and programs, and to realize that it is the theta state of mind has the opportunity to reunite with the divine energy of the Creator still until she turn into something something else. It is important to understand and accept the concept of planes of existence, because it will allow you to gain the leadership to expand your capabilities theta healing.

Earlier in the courses and seminars on the comprehension of science concepts and ThetaHealing many nuances were not considered as it would occur at this stage of training. We will reveal a completely new vision and understanding that will enable each participant to the workshop to learn more about ThetaHealing and find a new result during theta practice in everyday life.

The program of the workshop, each participant Plans Being able to know:

  • The basic concept - Pla are Being
  • How aligned plane of existence
  • Seven planes of existence
  • Mysteries of the Universe: the theory of knowledge and the founder ThetaHealing of the known universe ... and that is on the outside

The program of the seminar we will discuss each of the seven planes of existence.

In block seminar "Laws of the Sixth Plan Being" you will learn:

  • More information about the sacred languages
  • Practice exercises "Law of Vibration"
  • Practice exercises "Contact with a special Act"
  • All the principles of the Law of Vibration
  • What is the Absolute Truth
  • Application of the law by means of the merits
  • Those same advantages and disadvantages
  • Emotional and physical laws
  • How to master the ability to heal instantly manifest, foresee the future, move objects, etc.
  • As blocking and healing than
  • What is so sacred names of th
  • How is Vibration Colors
  • How to implement download for Benefits
  • Study: what laws you are able to edit?
  • Practice exercises "life experience"
  • How does the protection of forgiveness
  • Practice exercises "Expansion"
  • Practices and exercises "remembering past lives"
  • How can you use the vibrations of the Sixth Plan Being
  • How to learn to translate the sacred language of all planes of existence

In the seminar "The Laws of the Fifth Plan Being" you will learn:

  • Who are the Ascended Masters
  • Who are the Masters of the Fifth Plan
  • How does Awakening
  • What does being a Life Fifth Third Body
  • How to create light
  • How can you travel by thought
  • Clairvoyance
  • How to remember your future
  • How to change the future through the past
  • How to change the fate of the howl
  • Who are the entity settling
  • Practice exercises "Fifth Plan Being"

In the seminar "The laws of the Fourth Plan Being" you will learn:

  • What is a genetic level
  • Who are our Ancestors
  • What is Death
  • How to get generic information
  • How do crystal th layout
  • How to read the experience on all planes of existence
  • Practice exercises "Conti CT Ave caustic"

In the seminar "The laws of the Third Plan of Being", you will learn:

  • What is the divine human body
  • How we perceive the instinct - "what is it?"
  • How does intuition DNA
  • Who are the beasts
  • Learning space beasts
  • What is the sacred names of animals
  • As healing and contact with animals
  • Practice exercises "Contact with the Higher Self of the beast"
  • Practice exercises "Direction telepathic etc. oektsii images or emotions"
  • Practice exercises "Transformation blocks, programs and Chu CSA star ts"

In the seminar "The Laws of the Second Plan of Genesis", you will learn:

  • Merging with the second plan of Genesis
  • Practice exercises "Finding the blessings of the earth itself"
  • Ka practical observation photosynthesis of trees and plants
  • Practice exercises "Learning the language of trees and plants"
  • Practice exercises "Cooperation with trees and plants"
  • The practice of observing cooperation between plants and trees
  • Practice of finding the NIJ "paternal" and "parent" trees
  • How do Portals
  • Practice research portals trees and plants
  • Practice dating with feyami- elementals
  • How do Vibrations and Plants
  • How to teach the trees and plants
  • How to heal the soil and prepare garden
  • What are the sacred names of trees and plants
  • How to cure the plants
  • How to heal with plants
  • How blessed herbs and food
  • Secrets of the harvest
  • How does the energy of food
  • How can I work with radiation
  • How do herbal preparations
  • Practice exercises to clean the body of toxins

In the seminar "The laws of the first plan of Genesis", you will learn:

  • Keeper of the eternal memory - Mother Earth
  • How do the memories within the boundaries of light
  • How to program inhomo- ushevlennye objects
  • Effective collaboration with stones

For training on the course plans being necessary to pass basic and advanced courses ThetaHealing. Since the new year 2015 will be needed courses intuitive anatomy and possibly other courses which consider it necessary to add Vianna Stibal.