Reading this book, you will expand your understanding.
Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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Soul Mate

Unique course other souls reveal to each participant secret creation of strong relationships built on mutual love, respect and harmony. Not everyone knows that the universe itself can help you find a man who seemed to complement the other half of you and make happy and loved. Through effective method of attracting a kindred spirit, which you'll learn during the training, each participant will have the opportunity to acquire those romantic feelings, inspiring creative people to write songs, poems and novels.

Just 2 days, you can uncover a blocking those beliefs that separates you from the true depth of relationships and connections. You will be able to replace the qualitative data are most effective at attracting and love in the heart. Thanks to the workshop soulmate already thousands of people were able to find a soul mate and start a family. In addition, all practice ThetaHealing can uncover for yourself the question assist customers in search of true love.

Each participant through the workshop of another soul finally realizes that in order to find happiness in love, there is no need to rush to search for her. Suffice it to find those walls and barriers that we had built, to dissociate itself from the true feelings.

The seminar program will open another soul for you the following topics and methods:

  • How to find your soul mate
  • How to find soul mate in a million
  • Workshop participants will learn that each of us is not one soul mate
  • How to learn to love yourself so that others could also love you
  • How to reduce the waiting time of the meeting
  • How to become a sought-after partner for your soul mate
  • How to heal the traumas that were left from the previous or current relationship
  • Find out why we are attracting into your life "wrong" people
  • What to do to not get the same mistake with "not those" partners
  • How to create a portrait of your ideal partner
  • Know exactly what you want and expect to get in a relationship with someone you love
  • TOP-50 blocks, which will melt in the way of constructing the ideal of harmonious relationships
  • How to download "right" and the necessary sense of confidence, making love, happiness, etc.
  • The most effective tool in bringing soul mates and your ideal partner

Family and love - this is one of the fundamental areas of human life, which makes us feel happy and live a full life. It is not enough just to consider a plan for finding a kindred spirit - it is also necessary to work out all the obstacles that "sit" in our minds and hinder the attainment of personal happiness.

Social pressure and the experience of past failed relationships often have a bad effect on our emotional background. The relationship of our parents or friends away from the ideal. Disappointing statistics of marriages and divorces escalate the situation even more. We lose faith in ourselves and in what we are worthy of love and be loved. We think that we can not become a worthy partner of our soul mate. How many same beliefs poison our lives!

During training, each participant will be able to work as much as possible the problem of wrong beliefs to neutralize and eliminate their negative impact. Seminar another soul helps you:

  • learn the secret of healing from all the emotional trauma of a personal nature
  • learn to accept and give love
  • permanently close the problem "I am unhappy and lonely"
  • feel the protection and confidence
  • learn to accept yourself

Thanks to the workshop of another soul you let into your life is a miracle!

The seminar is designed for all practitioners ThetaHealing who have already received training in basic and advanced courses.