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Remember, love heals all diseases and situations in life.

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autor's seminar “Rainbow of love”

Seminar Rainbow Love - from graduate coach of Tetahiling. The seminar is a continuation of the book "Rainbow of Love".

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World Relations

Seminar in International Relations will give each participant the opportunity to be cleansed of negative emotions and prejudices of his people, as well as other cultures, religions, people. Thanks to the quality-crafted information you will be able to convert all of the historical, genetic and collective beliefs that live in our minds and body cells.

Huge reservoir of memories, not bringing us the real benefit, but to create blocks in our minds, rules our life every minute. During the seminar, you will learn how to learn to respect and treat with love of any race or nationality. You will understand how to feel safe anywhere in the world, as well as seminars for foreign students with the greatest results and on a positive note.

Hate and fear in relation to other people is incredibly fetter and limit our freedom. Thanks to the International Relations Seminar you will be able to overcome these blocks and learn to cooperate, respect and love every person on Earth.

Seminar in International Relations will give you:

  • Unconditional love for her and other cultures, peoples, religions, ideologies and people
  • Purification and transformation of the form of ownership of the body
  • Effective excavations at the genetic and historical level that would convert more than a thousand false blocks and programs
  • Build and rebuild relationships with most of his mystical abilities and talents
  • Enjoy travel anywhere in the world, everywhere feeling safe and love others
  • Learn the secrets of all foreign languages and learn to understand them much faster
  • Liberate from all hatred, rooted in your DNA
  • Learn to accept gifts from their ancestors, while not collecting their restrictive blocks and programs
  • Learn to heal not only your family, but the whole collective consciousness of your country

The seminar program in International Relations:

  • Blocks and programs of the world. Their culture and tradition
  • Getting rid of prejudice, pain, hatred, et al., Which are associated with other peoples of the world
  • The history of religion. Religion now
  • Getting rid of prejudice, pain, hatred, et al., Which are connected with the people and historical figures (as well as doctors, terrorists, sacred figures, judges, magicians etc)
  • Conversion of belief systems that are associated with healing activities
  • Magic cure past

This workshop is designed for those students who have already received training in basic and advanced courses of study ThetaHealing.